Dubai Safari Is One Of The Best Activit

You certainly have not tried adventure if you have not yet witnessed the adventure of Dubai Safari. It is a trip filled with activities and excitements that you shall never forget and always cherish.

Quad Bike Dubai Tour At Its Best

Want  to experience the best Quad Bike Dubai Tour at its best? Our company Mtdubai offers the best and thrilling experience in the Dubai city

Dubai Desert Safari

You journey can ever be total without taking watercraft using. It is usually one of the treasured activity in Egypt. It gives you the great moment that you have actually been discovering. -


You journey can ever be total without taking watercraft using. It is usually one of the treasured activity in Egypt. It gives you the great moment that you have actually been discovering. -

Wednesday in Dubai: Humanitarian Center and Desert Safari

Desert safari can be the best spot to have your honeymoon trip. It makes a helpful atmosphere where you can make assurances and plans with your spouse without interruptions. The silence in desert will allow you whisper the sweet words to your love

Desert Safari Dubai Tour Images

Tourist can avail the customized desert safari packages. Most of the travels in Dubai offer highly competent and economical rates for its Dubai desert safari tour If you plan to visit Dubai lately, gear up for a desert safari trip. You could watch a stunning desert sunset, ride the camels, paint traditional henna designs on your hands,

Desert becomes more dashing with Hummer desert safari

Deserts have tiny or sparsely vegetation and addresses 30Percent of your earth’s work surface. When you loved this article and you want to receive details concerning uae generously visit the internet site. Deserts happen between your tropics and subtropics on aspects of your equator well before.

Morning desert safari Dubai to enjoy the sun in the desert

I strongly recommend you to go for Desert Safari should you be checking out Dubai or MiddleEast. Let me tell you about the desert, just before anything at all concerning the experience. A desert is surely an region that is certainly less than 250 millimeters of rainfall annually. It observes substantial temperature ranges and therefore high amounts of evaporation.


History in the rising Al Ain, the traditional seat of the Sheikhs is perhaps the most traditional of the main cities in the UAE and it is here that the desert life is best demonstrated. A true series of oases, there is evidence that habitation in this glorious corner of the world has continued for millennia.

Morning Desert Safari That Is All For You

Deep Sea Adventure Dubai offers a real treat for deep sea fishing enthusiasts. Located by the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf, teeming with fish life, Dubai is one of the hottest Sailfish venues in the world. Deep sea fishing is an event full of fun & thrill and is not restricted to the highly experienced.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai At Its Best

Desert Safari is one of the most popular activities in Dubai as it intice you to take sensational ride in 4×4 Land Cruiser on the uneven sand dunes of the Arabian Desert. It is adventurous in nature and makes it one of the mandatory things to do in Dubai.

Enjoy The Best Desert Safari Price Packages In Dubai

Tourism is a professionally managed destination and travel management company with a varied range of destination management and travel services. The company has strategic alliances with global partners to enable it to source the most competitive travel products. 

Dubai Safari

Dubai safari is among the world’s top adventure activities, which is filled with all the excitement and thrill you need during your holidays. People who have a rush for adventure simply can’t resist the entertainment value which the desert safari in Dubai offers to them. The mythical desert terrains in Dubai are an ideal choice for conducting modern safari events which are surely a one of their kind experience for visitors.

Enjoy Desert Safari Dubai in a surprising price of just $45

 Desert safari makes your Dubai trip everlasting and memorable.

( dubai desert safari) my first ride on a camel/ more videos from my trip to the desert.

( dubai desert safari) my first ride on a camel/ more videos from my trip to the desert.

Dubai Desert Safari

I booked the excursion from, gasp, my hotel with a friend from the workshop I was taking. We were picked up from the hotel in an SUV with four other people. I was fortunate to be told by the very large man in the red shirt, we will call him Big Red for storytelling purposes, that I should sit in the front. Score!

Desert safari Dubai price is now 49 AED

Dubai desert safari price is now 49 AED. In that price you get to enjoy all the best activities that you cannot even imagine.

Grady's Desert Safari

Many Toyota Land Cruisers out there at the same time.
Air is let out of the tires to allow the vehicle to manuver the desert.

Dubai Desert Safari: Dune Bashing, Camel Ride, BBQ Dinner, Belly Dance, Shisha Smoke and More!

Ours is listed as one of the top 10 operators by the Department of Tourism in Dubai. We chose Charlie, a fellow Filipino ( Dubai-based experienced driver for 11 years) so that we can control the intensity of the sand dune bashing to avoid motion sickness.


MTDubai offers the best desert safari tour for 
you that you will love for sure. Enjoy camel riding, dune bashing, and much
more in this desert safari tour with us. Our land cruiser will pick you up in 
the morning and will drop you back by the end of the day.

Say Hello to Arabian Adventure with Desert Safari Activities

You do not need justifications about Dubai being one of the finest holiday resorts in the world. It speaks for its beauty and attraction itself. There is a lot that can be explored there as the city has everything that any guest would need to cherish the moments. Whether you go shopping or simply enjoy magical moments on the beach, you would have a perfect vacation. No matter what, both locals as well as visitors can easily take the advantage of various kinds of activities offered by the city.

Desert Safari Dubai - Adding Value to Tourism Dubai

If there is one destination which is most sought by tourists, it is none other than Dubai. Home to exotic beaches, huge malls and excellent infrastructures, the city is a perfect package to anyone who is looking to unwind from the stressful routine. When you are looking for things to do in Dubai, desert safari is one adventure you cannot afford to miss out on. The excitement that is involved in a desert safari Dubai experience is one that is hard to find elsewhere. Whether you are heading to Dubai for business or for fun, the safari must be on your adventure list.

Get the desirable Arabian Adventure with Dubai Safari

You would be knowing a lot about Dubai, its beauty and adventures. It is amongst the most desirable and exciting tourist places in the world. The attractions are self sufficient to great an impact on the
visitor’s mind.

Dubai Desert Safari Tour

The desert safari experience is more or less same offered by the service providers. The variations in the services have a direct relationship with the price you are ready to pay for it. However, when going for the selection of the service provider, make the following aspects in mind:

Explore Dubai Desert in Dune Buggy

One World Travels is a leading travel company in Dubai offering desert safari tour packages at excellent prices. Dune buggy safaris are available during the morning as well as evening hours. Tailor made packages can also be arranged for larger groups by offering additional activities.

desert safari

Alrighty, I'm going to catch up on Chelsea Lately right now before I sleep. Had a long day in San Diego with the boyfriend (that is, if you count eating barbecue and shopping as a "long day" haha) and I have a long day ahead of me later on today!

Luxurious Desert Safari Trip

Mt dubai offers a luxurious Hummer evening desert safari trip that you will love to the fullest. It is certainly exciting to drive in the deserts in hummer. This trip will provide you with the exciting features and activities that you will simply love.

Dubai Desert Safari Private Tours

Desert Safari is one of the most popular activities in Dubai as it entice you to take sensational ride in 4×4 Land Cruiser on the uneven ....

desert safari dubai tours

Desert Safari Dubai Tour cannot be possibly done everywhere and Dubai is one of the places which is known for its safari experience. If you are in Dubai on business or for leisure or planning to visit the state later in the year, Desert Safari Dubai Tour is a must try.

desert safari

You must have heard a lot about the desert safari tours – the experience is so intriguing that it is certainly not possible to resist it.

Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari is very special famous and must to do tour in Dubai in which you have an unforgettable real desert safari drive...

Desert Safari - Enabling You To Have the Time of Your Life

So you are in Dubai and looking for things to do? Desert safari is something you should not leave the city without attempting at least once.

Desert Safari!

13 years of living here and I didn't get to experience desert safari with my family! It was expensive back then anyway. Now everything can be affordable through promo deals and credit card! Haha! So we really made sure to have this activity at the first month of 2013!

Wednesday in Dubai: Humanitarian Center and Desert Safari

Wow! What an exciting and long day. We just returned from an excursion to a huge expanse of desert right on the border of Oman that included a wild ride ....

Exciting Desert Safari Tour

MT dubai is your best guide for the desert safari dubai. We provide all the guidance and assistance you require for the entire trip.

Desert Safari Dubai Rate

Desert Safari Dubai Rate cannot be possibly done everywhere and Dubai is one of the places which is known for its safari experience. If you are in Dubai on business or for leisure or planning to visit the state later in the year, Desert Safari Dubai Rate is a must try. 

Dubai: Adventures in the Desert - The Virgin Atlantic Blog

Modern-day Dubai might look like a futuristic space-age city, but it's the vast Arabian Desert that really feels like another planet. No visit to...

Best desert Safari dubai

MtDubai is offering  desert safari dubai to all the visitors coming to Dubai for AED 275 per person.  If you do not have much time in the evening, then you can opt for the desert safari tour with MtDubai. We provide excellent service taking care of all the requirements of our clients. The tour will include following things:
·         Pick and drop from and to the hotel
·         One hour dune bashing drive
·         Picture point stop in the middle of the desert
·         Water and soft drinks provided
·         Complete safety and precaution
·         Trained drivers and licensed vehicle
·         First aid box, seat belts and etc.
The duration of the tour is 3 hours starting from 9.30 am to 12.30 am. The desert safari dubai is not suited for heart patients.

Your best evening desert safari

Looking for the best evening desert safari tour, here we are at MtDubai providing the finest tour to your and your family for as low as AED 125 for adults and AED 85 for children of at most 6 years old.  The evening tour is full of excitements and is preferred by many people. Enjoy camel riding, dune bashing, sand boarding, henna painting, sheesha, belly dancing and much more with complete safety and comfort. You will also get to witness the very traditional Tanoura Dancing shows.  You will be picked from your hotel or your residence at 4:30pm in our land cruisers.  The entire evening desert safari tour will last for maximum 6 hours.
The charges are very economical. For adults it is AED 125 and for children up to 6 years old it is AED 85. This charge includes all the features and activities mentioned above. For further assistance and guidance,

Get ready for morning desert safari

Morning desert safari trip by us at Mtdubai will certainly make you have great fun and enjoy the whole day out with us. The tour will start at 09:00 am and end at 12:30 pm. If you are not able to take out time in the morning, then it is the best trip for you. We will facilitate you with a pick and drop service from your hotel or residency and to your hotel.  The trip lasts for 3 hours and the charges are AED 275 per person.  The trip within this price includes the following features and activities:
·         Dune bashing
·         Picture point stop
·         Soft drinks and water
·         Camel riding
·         Trained and licensed drivers
·         Aid box, seat belts and Roll bars
We make sure that your entire morning desert safari trip goes safe and sound. For booking and further information

We offer desert safari tours

Want to go for a desert safari tour? MtDubai provides different types of desert safari packages depending on your requirements and availability. There are four types of packages that you can avail. One is evening safari, hummer safari, and overnight and morning tour. These packages have different charges and different timings.  In all the packages you will get the pick and drop service, dune bashing and water and soft drinks.  You can all of these by simply calling us at +971501184847 or sending us an email at We have all the vehicles insured and all the drivers licensed and trained and hence there is no need to worry about safety and security issues. We will also provide you with water and soft drinks in any of the package you select. 

Enjoy evening desert safari

Evening desert safari is the best tour for you as it provides you with ample amount of activities to do. In the evening tour you can certainly enjoy camel riding, henna painting, sand boarding, BBQ dinner and unlimited soft drinks.  For further entertainment, there is belly dancing as well followed by Sheesha. The trip lasts for a total of 5 to 6 hours. The price is AED 125 per adult and the price for children up to 6 years old is AED 85 per person.  This price takes into account the following:
·         Pick and drop
·         Camel riding
·         Dune bashing
·         Sheesha
·         Welcome drinks
·         Belly dancing
·         Tanoura dancing
·         Toilet
·         Dance floor
We follow strict safety and security standards and this is why we have trained drivers and licensed vehicles. 

Dubai: What a desert safari is like

Around us, desert safari there were miles of sleek fiery orange hills, only crumpled by the tracks of our predecessors. It was thrilling, albeit slightly dangerous.

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Dinner under the stars: Dubai desert safari

I had fantasised about riding a camel in a caftan or long flowing dress in the desert but on the day practicality ruled and I wore jeans.

MtDubai Provides Extensive Desert Safari Packages

We provide desert safari dubai,desert safari,and fun more tours  the trips in different packages and each package has its own.....

Desert Safari Dubai

 We have desert safari ,desert safari dubai, evening and overnight safari so that you can select  the package you want with your requirements and needs. All of these packages have different packages and different activities.

Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai is a place where Dubai Desert safari is extremely popular. One, who does not go for this tour, has not enjoyed the trip to Dubai completely.  We at Mtdubai offer Desert safari tours with different packages. You can select between the four packages and those are morning, evening, hummer and overnight desert safari.  These packages have different rates and have different activities to provide you. The evening, hummer and the overnight trips have almost the same activities and features. The morning safari has different features and does not have majority of the activities provided in the other packages. You will get picked by our land cruiser from your residence and dropped back as well. Our vehicles are insured and drivers are licensed. Therefore, you will get complete safety on your trip.